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Car dismantling in Japan
Loading of machinery, spare parts and orders of Yahoo into a container
Car transportation in Japan
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Car dismantling
We dismantling cars at two bases located in Chiba and Toyama prefectures. These bases are located near major container terminals and Japanese auctions. Thanks to this location, our customers can save significantly on car transportation.
On average, the specialist dismantling in a day:
Japanese car
European car
1-2 cars
1-2 cars
Spare parts layout
Depending on the customer's request and volume, we can arrange spare parts in a container or on a pallet for further shipment.
When assembling, regardless of the shipping method, all spare parts are carefully packed to avoid damage during transportation.
Our packaging quality is our big advantage.
Why choose Phenix Japan
Work without intermediaries
We carry out car’s dismantling independently at a technically equipped base. We do not delegate our work to third parties.
Individual approach
Before starting to disassemble the car, we give the customer the opportunity to choose the spare parts that he needs. An individual request for dismantling for each car.
Photo description
We take 20-40 photos and videos before disassembly so that you can decide which parts are needed from each car.
Convenient location
Our showdowns are located near large terminals, namely in Toyama Prefectures (port of Toyama) and Chiba (port of Yokohama), which allows you to save on internal logistics.
Stages of work
Technical specialist's consultation
At all stages of our work, a technical specialist from one of the databases will be in touch with you, who will keep you up to date with all the processes.
Purchasing cars
Transportation cars to the base
Detailed photo description of each car
Sending you a collapsible list
Coordinate details according to your list
Car dismantling
Assembling spare parts in a container
Sending the container to the port
Spare parts in a container are profitable
You can choose which spare parts are needed with for each car, you can only pay for what you need.
Car dismantling
Japanese car
European car
$ 400
Removal of wiring
Japanese car
$ 500
European car
$ 100
Additional cuts
Japanese car
$ 150
European car
Container layout and loading
20' container
$ 50
40' container
$ 75
Pallet layout
$ 1 000
Additional packaging
20' container
$ 1 400
Filing, delivery to the port, port charges (TNS), payment to the declarant in Japan
20' container
$ 200
20' container
$ 150
40' container
$ 2 100
$ 4 500
40' container
$ 300
$ 2 400
40' container
$ 5 500
$ 600
864-3 Yonejima, Takaoka-Shi, Toyama
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